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Anonymous asked: Dough has given away that she was wearing a wig or extensions by changing from the purple to blue and green. When she had purple hair she had long, shiny, thick curls that changed length. Now it's frizzy and thin with raggedy ends, and you never see her with curls. Great "hair secret" Dough.

The curls are an interesting point! Maybe she had a curly purple fall or wig she would sometimes wear. I guess Doe can breathe a sigh of relief now, because nobody in their right mind would accuse her hair of being a wig these days.

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Anonymous asked: what's doe attitude towards asian faces? idk really, but my colleague who happens to be really popular fashion blogger over whole asia (she's from hk) is waiting over month to get her order. She send like 2 mails without response. She started to comment on public fb wall, so she was told to send email again on specif address... tho she wrote order number in comment and included everything needed. SHITTY SERVICE RACIST DOE.

Whoa, that is a completely unacceptable wait for any customer, let alone a blogger who could bring attention to the brand. I’m sorry they treated your friend so badly.

I will go out on a limb here and suggest the reason your friend has had such awful service is because Doe is not aware that she is a well-known customer. If she had seen the order and recognised the name, I’m sure the items would already be with your friend, with some extras thrown in maybe. But since she didn’t pick up on that, your friend got the standard hit-and-miss-we’ll-block-you-if-you-complain Lime Crime treatment.

Doe has had a history in the past with putting her regular customers aside in order to court popular bloggers and the internet famous, but as her radar probably doesn’t extend as far as Asia she can’t do the same schmoozing act. It’s a shame that Lime Crime has such shallow priorities and such a hirarchy when it comes to giving good service. Every customer deserves the best service a company can put forward.

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Anonymous asked: Hello. I'd already bought three different lipsticks from Lime Crime, before finding about the whole controversy surrounding the brand and its CEO and deciding never to support them again... However, I'm painfully in love with their velvetines and was lusting after their upcoming Salem collection. Is there by any chance a way to know if she's duped the/there's dupes made of them? If they are genuine I will cry.

Black Velvet is the only one in the range with solid dupes at the moment: I reccommend Pretty Zombie Cosmetic’s Black Cat, or Topshop’s Velvet Lip in Raven.

Part of the reason the others are harder to dupe at the moment is without a release there are no real-world swatches to compare products. Salem looks like a true brown in some pictures, a burgundy brown in others, while Wicked looks purple or red or pink depending on the photo. It’s hard to see past all those Instagram filters and Photoshop!

But in the meantime, this is the best ever resource I’ve seen for Liquid Lipstick, and it should provide a great jumping off point:

I also know the girls at Oh Dear, Doe Deere! are on the case with a masterlist of Lime Crime dupes, so hopefully they’ll be able to find some great alternatives for Salem and Wicked.

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Anonymous asked: Do you know if Pretty Zombie Cosmetics is a good dupe for the Velvetines? I know they have colors pretty color that match the Red, Pink and Black Velvetines and a lot cheaper too.

I haven’t tried them personally (Working on it though!) but Black Cat looks like a dead-on dupe for Black Velvet. Zombettie looks like it leans a little more true-red or orange to dupe Red Velvet, which is blue based. Spellbook looks like it may be a good Pink Velvet dupe, but since I don’t own either that’s just a blind guess!

However, I have heard very good things about this line in general, and I want to get them all! I’m drooling over 3 Witches and Purple Poison in particular. I will make a detailed comparison post when I get them.

Pretty Zombie Liquid Lipstick can be ordered here:

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harrryosborns asked: Is there a blog completely dedicated to dupes of Lime Crime products? If there isn't, I might go ahead and start one up. I've hated Doe Deere's antics for years and I want to do my part in tearing down her scam, haha

The Love of Colour Pinterest used to be a board completely dedicated to duping Lime Crime, but since DDL was censored it became more about just cataloging bright makeup! I think it still is a really easy to use and helpful resource, it’s updated often and organized really well, so it’s still very easy to look at alternatives to LC’s products:

It would be really awesome if there was a blog dedicated to duping LC, I’m sure a lot of people would find it very helpful.

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Anonymous asked: People who buy Lime Crime even after discovering the history of the company blow my mind. Is a novelty product really superior to products that are cheaper, perform better, and come from a company with ethics? Congrats on turning makeup into a popularity contest, Doe!

Definitely. I know a few people who actively dislike Doe Deere and don’t want to support her, but still buy Lime Crime for various reasons, which I can’t understand. I can kind of get if someone has a favorite product that they don’t want to switch from, but if you find someone’s behavior repellent, why give them money? That’s even weirder than the people who know about the theft and sabotage and just don’t care.

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Anonymous asked: Hi I was wondering if you could tell me why I shouldnt buy any of the products, I really really like the lip colors they offer but I dont want to get scammed :C

The choice to buy or not buy from any company is always down to you, and I’ll never judge anyone who chooses to buy from Lime Crime. That being said, here are a few things you may want to know before considering a purchase:

- Most of the line is dupe-able, so if you’d rather go with another company, chances are a selection of dupes are available.

- LC is high priced compared to most other brands. Even when product prices seem competitive, they usually offer less product to compensate.

- Customer service is very variable, so you may have a great shopping experience, or a disaster.

- Products may not be vegan- be sure to check first.

- Product performance varies, so you may want to look up reviews for the exact products you’re interested in to get a realistic representation.

-Same thing goes for the look of a product. LC’s product photographs are very retouched and in a few cases, very inaccurate.

Hope that helps you!

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Anonymous asked: Do you have any pictures of how her purple hair really looked unedited?

Yes, there are lots of pictures like this one floating around:

You can see how her hair looks by searching her tag and looking at the photos not posted directly by her. Her hair is not bad looking by any means, but it is definitely not the so-bright-it-glows shade she makes it look in her own pictures.

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Anonymous asked: Sorry, but do you know Doe Deere personally or something? You hate her from afar, I honestly doubt you know much about her personality at all, nor do I. I think it's pathetic that you spend all your time hating on someone and judging them for things you dont actually know, maybe you should spend some time reading a book or doing something productive. I only came across your tumblr because I searched if Doe has had plastic surgery. I don't really care much for her, unlike you... who cares a lot.

Wow, how do you know so much about me? I spend all my time in a windowless room, on a computer that can only access Lime Crime accounts and this Tumblr, posting obsessively. I sleep right here, hugging my laptop close. Oh, I just dream of the day when someone will slip a book under the door with my daily bucket of fishheads so I understand what it’s like to truly feel alive! I wish you were here to take my scaly hand and teach me not to care so damn much about people you Google around for, trying to find out if they’ve had surgery or not.

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Anonymous asked: YESSS that last ask hit the nail on the head! Did anyone care about other people working for News of The World? Noooo, sorry-- Rupert Murdoch has to visit the homes of victims of the cell phone hacking, not fucking Katie or company employee #278. I don't buy Lime Crime because if Doh, SELF-PROCLAIMED CEO, can't accept responsibility or run the business accordingly, what kind of company is that?? Aight, end rant.

Definitely! Again, she can’t have it both ways. She can’t pretend to be intimately involved with her customers and then wash her hands of them when the heat is on. The manner in which Katie was thrown to the wolves during the Black Friday sale was despicable, and I hate how she uses her staff as scapegoats for stuff that they are not responsible for.

Doe also uses the Lime Crime accounts as her own personal mouthpiece when she feels like it. Melding Lime Crime and the Doe Deere persona was her choice, and she has to accept the downsides of this if she wants to take advantage of the perks.